4th Precinct Police Advisory

Residential: Detached Garage Burglaries – 4PCT                                                 November 28, 2018


Facts: Over the last 3 Months we have seen several garage burglaries occurring in the precinct.  These crimes that are being committed might be the work of the same person, or persons.  These burglaries have been concentrated to Two specific neighborhoods in the precinct. The suspects gain access through a side door on an unattached garage, either the door is not secure or it is forced open.  Most burglaries have occurred in the middle of the night and items taken have been power tools, snow blowers, lawn mowers, other lawn equipment, and bicycles.  The suspects will probably try to sell stolen items either on line or through Social Media. The majority of these Burglaries have occurred in either the Cleveland or Jordan Neighborhoods.   All have occurred South of Doweling Ave N, and North of West Broadway, West of Penn Ave N and East of York Ave N.


We are seeking the assistance of the public to prevent further burglaries from occurring.

What Can You Do?

 If you reside in a home with Video Surveillance system please make sure it is fully operational and in proper working order.


  • When exiting your garage please make sure all access points are locked and secured.
  • If convenient prop something in front of service access door from inside to make entry more difficult.
  • Take extra precautions to secure power tools or lawn equipment, or any other items of value left out in open.
  • The general public should refrain from buying any merchandise from individuals, or venders on the street.
  • If you come across anyone selling high value items on the street please contact police right away.
  • If your home or garage is burglarized please call police right away.
  • If you see something suspicious in an alley or on the street please call 911 to report it.
  • If possible please install rein- enforced strike plate on service garage door lock preferably with 3-inch screws.
  • Please be careful if buying anything through social media that could be stolen.


Please call the 4th precinct property crimes unit at 612-673-5714 if you have any information regarding these burglaries.


The Minneapolis Police Department maintains a crime tip line which allows citizens to report criminal activity without leaving your name. You can remain anonymous.  The crime tip line number is 612-692-TIPS (8477). For additional crime prevention information please call your local Crime Prevention Specialist at 612-673-5704.


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