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Below are the nominees for the 2021 Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization Board.

Jane Riley Best

Why are you interested in serving on the WCNO board? Do you have any experience serving on a board?
I moved here in December 2019. I’d like to be involved and contribute to my community, using the skills and talents that I possess.

What kind of special skills or expertise can you offer: fundraising, HR, legal, finances, business, PR, technology, advocacy, or other to contribute to WCNO’s mission?
My background is in Fund Development, special events, fundraising and grant writing. I have optimized websites, produced newsletters and marketing for non profits.

Do you have any special interests or hobbies that might benefit the board/organization?
I enjoy aligning people with the mission of the organizations that I am involved with.

Jane currently serves as a volunteer on both the Finance and Operations committees of WCNO.

Chaz Sandifer

Chaz Sandifer is the CEO/Founder of theNEWmpls which focuses on affordable fitness, wellness and nutrition. Bringing her holistic approach to the community, Chaz was able to teach others how to break generational cycles, instilling that fitness is fun, quality nutrition is king, and wellness is key to a healthy future. Chaz is 2020-2021 African American Leadership Forum fellow, a Northside Awesome Grant recipient, a Republic Services Grant recipient, a vendor at the BEE Marketplace, the recipient of 2020 Scissor Business of the Northside award and the 2021 fan favorite winner for the GoRedfoMN campaign for the American Heart Association. She has expanded her brand to include a new wellness company, called Let Go Let Flow, they focus on anti-racist work between Black and White women, life & wellness coaching and weekly Wellness Wednesday Chats discussing various topics that affect the Black Community. Chaz joined Rolling Out AM morning live show for “Winning Wednesday’s”, highlighting the wins in the Black Community. She now teaches numerous fitness classes, a monthly meal prep class called Meal Prep w/a Twist, Diabetes & Arthritis Prevention Program and operates /owns the Camden Farmers Market. She is humble and grateful for this journey.