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Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization

Monthly Board Meeting 

Location: Webber Park Community Room

November 4th, 2021 — 6:30-8:30 PM


Attendees: Patricia Deinhart-Bauknight (Executive Director), Em Matson (Communications Director), Jane Riley Best, Krystin Eldridge (Vice Chair), Kevin Aldwaik (Treasurer), Sheree Breedlove (Chair), Michael (Community Member), Monica Colberg, Eric Hoffer (Secretary).

6:43 PM    Call to Order: Sheree Breedlove, Chair

Noted that November 11th is Veteran’s Day. Took a brief moment of silence.

6:44 PM    Approve Meeting Agenda (in board packet)       

Let the minutes show that Maria Ahlgren has resigned from the WCNO board due a potential conflict of interest with her job 

Moved by Kevin. Jane seconded. Approved unanimously.

6:45 PM    Board Recruitment w/ Guest: Ariah Fine, City of Mpls


6:46 PM    Review/Approve October Minutes (in board packet)

Moved by Kevin. Krystin seconded. Approved unanimously.

6:48 PM    Finance Report: Kevin Aldwaik, Treasurer

JUST got the report from our consulting accountant today at 4pm. The noted consulting charge is for 6 months of our accountant. Finances are stable, but we have not yet received the first Office of Violence Prevention reimbursement–that’s why it appears behind.

Moved by Kevin to receive/approve the report. Eric seconded. Approved unanimously.

Motion to approve the Financial Policies and Procedures. Seconded by Eric. Approved unanimously. 

6:51 PM    Executive Director’s Report: Patricia Deinhart-Bauknight, E.D.

Mostly been working on budgeting. 2022 is our first opportunity to implement our Strategic Plan as well as our Equitable Engagement Plan. Neighborhood Network $ (largely for admin) is being cut over the next few years, so creating a diversified funding plan is paramount. Included three outreach organizers (African American, Asiain American, and Latinx) in the budget plan, funded by grants ($22/hr for 8 hours/wk). 

7:01 PM    Board Recruitment Presentation: Ariah Fine 

Two main things: 1) Building relationships, 2) Important Ask

For board members: Write down 5-10 names and connect with them about WCNO in the next month. Practice making the ask! 

Down the road, how do we see every event as an opportunity for leadership development?

7:17 PM    2021 Budget: Kevin Aldwaik

Reviewed narrative draft of budget in detail. Total budget proposed: $235,000 ($177,476 in hand and $57,524 to raise). 

Kevin moved to approve the proposed 2021 budget draft. Monica seconded. Approved unanimously.

7:26 PM    Discussion of Policies and Procedures

Motion by Eric to remove By-Laws and Employee Handbook for further discussion, then approve remaining policies and procedures en bloc. Seconded by Krystin.

Discussion: Kevin made a friendly amendment to remove the Membership Hiring Policy, and the Member Grievance Policies additionally, as they are connected to the By-Laws. Sheree seconded. Approved unanimously.

Vote on new motion: Approved unanimously.

7:45 PM    Member Hiring and Grievance Policies 

Patricia will check in with the city/legal about whether membership hiring policies and grievances needed separate policies, or should be in by-laws. The approved text would be the same in either.

7:41 PM    Bylaws

After discussion to clarify the updates previously discussed, by-laws were put up for approval (still requiring full membership vote at the December annual meeting)

Moved by Eric. Seconded by Kevin. Unanimous approval. 

8:20 PM    Adjourn

Respectfully submitted by Eric Hoffer, WCNO Secretary.

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