About WCNO

Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization – or WCNO for short – is a city-recognized neighborhood organization, representing the interests of residents and businesses in the Webber-Camden neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The organization’s funds come from a variety of sources, including Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission funding from the City of Minneapolis.

Any resident of Webber-Camden who is of legal voting age, and either resides in, or owns property in, our neighborhood can be a member of WCNO. Any businesses or organizations located in Webber-Camden can also designate a non-resident member to participate in the organization. An eleven member Board of Directors is elected by organization members to manage the affairs of WCNO. Our Directors also participate in various committees and organizations, both on the Northside and across the city, representing the interests of Webber-Camden. We are proud participants in the Northside Neighborhoods Council (NNC), as well as many other committees advocating for a strong North Minneapolis.

WCNO holds public board business meetings monthly in our office location at 1206 37th Avenue North (until recently, WCNO shared office resources with the Folwell Neighborhood Association). We also hold quarterly community gatherings at Webber Park, where we strongly encourage our neighbors to engage with the organization and learn about what we are working on.

Our board members are also available via email.

What does WCNO do?

Organize Fun Events

Throughout the year, we organize fun events for Webber-Camden residents, and participate in events across the Northside. Annual events such as Truck Extravaganza and Holiday on 44th, and seasonal events such as tree plantings, neighborhood cleanups, and holiday events, are planned in whole or in part by WCNO members. We’re constantly looking for new opportunities to help our neighbors have fun in Webber-Camden, so if you have an idea, contact us to let us know!

Advocate for our community

The Camden community of Minneapolis is a wonderful place to raise a family or start a business, and the Webber-Camden neighborhood is situated right in the heart of all of the action.

WCNO participates in Northside Neighborhoods Council (NNC), and WCNO directors and members also participate in the Ward 4 Small Business Advisory Committee, the Minneapolis Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission (NCEC), and other organizations. We also provide feedback to City Council, as well as our local and state representatives, on a variety of issues effecting Webber-Camden.

Provide services to Webber-Camden

In the past, WCNO has provided senior and home loan programs through NCEC funding, and before that, Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) funding. In 2018, WCNO was the subject of a comprehensive audit, and experienced a high period of staff and board turnover. At this time, WCNO is rebuilding capacity and evaluating new and innovative programs and services to offer Webber-Camden residents and businesses.