Board Member Directory

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a Committee made up of the four officers of the Board of Directors, as required by the WCNO Bylaws.


Sheree Breedlove, Chair

Krystin Eldridge, Vice Chair

I’m Krystin Eldridge, I’ve  lived in Webber Camden for 6 years now.  I love everything  about the urban landscape and the people in it. I am a strong advocate of stable neighbors  and stable  neighborhoods. I would like to see  Webber Camden increase its support  of affordable housing and foster connections with  each other in the community. 

I have experience  working with boards and helping to update their websites, maintain  memberships, and helping to manage their events. 
I am a grad school candidate at various universities for the urban development programs and I hope to continue to be involved and be in Webber Camden for a long time.
Get involved! Showing up is the first step.



Eric Hoffer, Secretary

Eric Hoffer is pastor at Salem Lutheran on 42nd and Dupont, where he’s served since October 2018. He’s passionate about gathering community together around a good meal and imagining together how we might solve big problems together through advocacy and organizing. Eric lives just across the way in the Victory Neighborhood with his spouse, Kirsten, who teaches at Jenny Lind Elementary. He loves cooking, backpacking, and spending time with pets Harriet (cat) and Twyla (dog).

At-Large Directors

The At-Large Directors are the elected members of the WCNO Board of Directors who are not officers in the organization.

Monica Colberg

Monica Colberg is entering her second term with WCNO. In the first two years as At-Large member on the Board of Directors, Monica and fellow member Sheree Breedlove teamed together to provide over 500 free facemasks for WCNO residents, developed community through gardening projects at Hamilton Manor, and held tabling events to increase participation in Census 2020 and absence ballot voting. Monica also assisted in building the foundation for the newly restructured WCNO.

In her next two-year term Monica will focus on building new block clubs and strengthening current block clubs in WCNO. She believes every single block organized as a block club is the strongest connection that WCNO can support in building community. Imagine a whole community of WCNO residents connected to their neighbors, be they renters or homeowners. Imagine the creative ideas that WCNO can support with community input. Monica is lead gardener for the community Triangle Garden at 42nd and Humboldt Ave N. Monica was a member of the Holiday on 44th committee for 10 years. She knows the power of a dedicated volunteer work group tackling a common goal with astounding success.

Tiara Brown

Tiara was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to the Webber-Camden neighborhood in 2020 with her wife (Trinka) and dog (Prince Hamlet). She holds a B.A. in political science from Kent State University and a J.D. from the University of Michigan. Tiara first moved to Minneapolis in 2015 to take a Equal Justice Works fellowship position working as a housing discrimination attorney at Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid. Tiara currently works for the City of Minneapolis in the Department of Civil Rights where she investigates discrimination, harassment, and retaliation against protected classes.

Shannon Glenn

Shannon moved to Webber-Camden in 2016 and launched North Minneapolis Pet Resource Center through her non-profit My Pit Bull is Family in 2019. She has an extensive professional background in grassroots campaigns, voter outreach, community outreach, fundraising, homeless advocacy, and policy creation. Shannon holds a Master’s in Advocacy and Political Leadership where she centered her degree program around drafting policies to end housing and insurance discrimination for families with large dogs. Shannon is passionate about supporting community members, holding space for critical conversations, and supporting families with pets in North Minneapolis.

Maria Ahlgren

Hi, I’m Maria! I have lived in Webber-Camden for 3 years and have worked at Henry High School just as long. I have learned so much from our students and I look forward to bringing this experience and their voices to the WCNO. I have a 6 yr old son, Jeremiah, who goes to Lucy Laney and is a member at Jerry Gamble. He’s another huge motivator, helper and believer in community. In my free time, I really enjoy naps, attending athletic events at Henry, camping, cooking and hanging out with my son. Every day, I become more proud to live and work in this neighborhood. I look forward to getting to know eachother and working together, as neighbors should

Kevin Aldwaik

Jeff Schmidt


Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization Staff.

Patricia Deinhart-Bauknight

Emily “Em” Matson