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The meeting will be held at the WCNO Business Office at 6:30 on June 13th. It is open to the public, but seating may be limited. A livestream of the meeting is planned for the WCNO Facebook page, at

6:30    Call to Order: Robin Lewis, Chair

6:30    Approve May 9 and January 3 Minutes

6:35    Proposal to increase Block Club Leaders (Monica)

  • Present Proposal
  • Budget implications: We have $800 budgeted already for National Night Out so there would be no budget implications for this proposal
  • Motion: WCNO will earmark four stipends for new block club leaders as proposed.

6:45    Approve social media guidelines (Veronica)

  • Draft guidelines included in the board packet
  • Motion: The WCNO board approves the social media guidelines as proposed.

6:55    Treasurer’s Report (Anna)

  • Review April financial report
  • Update on 2018 990
  • Motion: The WCNO board approves the 2018 990.
  • Motion: The WCNO board approves the 2018 Charitable Organization Annual Report.

7:05    Interim Director’s Report (Amy)

  • Summer Outreach Specialist update
  • Green Week Oct 3-12: See Amy’s Staff report for details

7:15    Announcements: 2 minutes each

  • Ward 4 Listening Session and door-knocking regarding MPHA’s Scattered Sites (Brock and Leslie)
  • Update on Truck Extravaganza (Robin)
  • Upper Harbor Terminal CAC (Hollie and Robin)

7:25    New business

  • Appointment of new Treasurer

7:30    Organizational Assessment Recommendations Regarding Staffing (Amy)

  • Present staffing options and budget projections
  • Facilitate discussion on recommendations
  • Articulate next steps

8:30    Adjourn

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