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Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization

Board Business Meeting — Zoom

August 6, 2020 — 6:30-8:30 PM


6:34 PM Call to Order: Robin Lewis, Chair

6:34 PM Presentation: Jamil Ford, Andrew McGlory (4146 Fremont)

Updates on 42nd and Fremont. The process, especially fundraising has been delayed during the pandemic. Leadership group is seeking to incorporate community space and property administration space. There are plans to add a third partner. The leadership is anticipating that the Economic Development and Regulatory Committee of Mpls will approve $750,000 from the city. Then $200,000 is committed from the firms. Only after that will Sunrise Bank be willing to make the necessary $2 million loan, for the scope of the project. If things get moving by this Fall, then Hennepin County could add $200,000 into the project. Otherwise, perhaps the Minneapolis Foundation could provide a bridge loan.

There has always been a plan to include a community space on the second floor. WCNO will have access to that space, but the project would also allow WCNO to move their offices there, if desired.

The project will include an elevator, as has been planned from day one.

The plan includes two major tenants: 1) Restaurant (who would also control the black box theater space and cafe/bookstore).  2) Neighborhood Development Center (2nd floor, primarily).

There was a question RE: parking–how much and where? Answer: 22 spots. Possibility of valet parking for larger events. Project leads are hoping for underground parking in the future, if the city maintains ownership of several nearby lots.

6:57 PM Review and Approve July 2020 Minutes: R. Lewis (board packet)

6:58 PM Treasurer’s Report: Brock Schumacher

Lots of money not spent–largely because COVID stopped much of our activity. Nothing else that sticks out. MOTION to approve by Monica. Seconded. Passed unanimously.

7:00 PM Executive Director’s Report: Patricia Deinhart-Bauknight 

Executive Director has… Finalized process of getting WCNO out of probation. Checked with Ariah to finalize budget numbers for CPP & NRP dollars. Hired new bookkeeper and payroll service. Created description for Communications Coordinator at 20 hrs/week. Looked at new office space, though it’s slim pickings right now. Assisted Kevin Aldwaik in creating and distributing COVID mask compliance posters. Attended Zoom session regarding fundraising for small businesses. Assisted WCNO members with various projects, including potential tutoring program.

7:20 PM NRP Funds and WCNO Committees

Discussion around how to spend the remainder of NRP funds in 2020 (see hand-out). There is concern that the city will reclaim any un-contracted NRP monies, and it is suggested we contract what we can soon. In order to do so, ED suggests we form two committees, which have already started to take shape: 1) Housing, Land Use, Corridor Revitalization, and Commercial Development. 2) Public Safety and Community Building. Board committed to joining one of these two committees, with follow-ups planned to board members not present.

7:55 PM Tutoring Proposal: Anna Gerdeen (board packet)

Program beginning with needs analysis surveys.

Has roots in many conversations with local families with school-aged children, and the ongoing challenges with distance learning.

See proposal for full details, but program would be free for neighborhood students, providing structure, support, wellness, and accountability as they navigate distance learning through Minneapolis public schools.

Initial proposal at one site with up to 36 kids at the site would be $7500/month, with $800 of startup costs. Kids would attend two days a week, 3.5 hours per day. Two groups, alternating days.

Question around timetable. Program would ideally be running by October, with 20-30 hours a week to prepare.

Concern around COVID exposure. 

7:55 PM Outreach Committee Update: Monica Colberg, Sheree Breedlove         (board packet)

Census/voter registration tabling. Mask/sanitizer sourcing and distribution. Hamilton Manor gardens.

8:05 PM By-Law Update: R. Lewis, A. Gerdeen, P. Deinhard-Bauknight 

Need to be updated ASAP. August 20th meeting to finalize a draft, then approved at the next meeting before submitting to community members after that.

8:25 PM August General Membership Meeting–Proposed for August 29th 

We are not required to have a general membership meeting, due to COVID, but would like to do something. There was conversation around a gathering at Weber Park, in front of North Market, or on Zoom. Brainstormed around ways to engage, including a mass mailing. Will discuss further at the August 20th meeting.

8:30 PM Housing Update: B. Schumacher

Real estate market is great if you’re a homeowner, and bad if you rent. When the eviction moratorium expires, there will be a wave of homelessness. Unfortunately, WCNO cannot do much, but can distribute information and possibly support housing organizations.

8:35 PM Adjourn

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About Community

Webber Camden Neighborhood Organization: Empowering Collaboration and Connection to Create a Thriving and Equitable Community for All.

About Community

Webber Camden Neighborhood Organization: Empowering Collaboration and Connection to Create a Thriving and Equitable Community for All.

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