Board Member Directory

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a Committee made up of the four officers of the Board of Directors, as required by the WCNO Bylaws.

Note: as of June 13, 2019, the Vice-Chair position is vacant.

Robin Lewis, Chair, WCNO

Robin Lewis, Chair

Robin Lewis was born and raised in South Minneapolis with 5 generations of family. Her oldest living relative is her great uncle Wayne who is 97 years old and a World War II veteran. He owned one of the first black-owned construction companies in Minnesota. Robin has three daughters and two granddaughters ages 9 and 13, and two small dogs named Leo and Zeus. Robin moved to North Minneapolis in 2014 and loves the North side of Minneapolis. Robin works at the U of M Hospital East Bank as a Phlebotomist, teaches CPR/AED classes, and works at the U.S. Bank Stadium as an EMT.

As Chair of Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization, Robin’s mission is to impact our neighborhood by building community relations through service programs that meet the needs of community members, promote health and wellness, inclusivity and diversity in the community and on the board.

Veronica Cary, Secretary

Veronica Cary is the Secretary of the Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization’s Board of Directors, and is also the Chair of the WCNO Communications Committee. Originally from Anoka, Minnesota, Veronica moved to Webber-Camden with her wife and daughter in 2018. A former employee of the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Veronica now owns a growing technology development company based in Northside. She is also a musician, and an occasional activist and public speaker, focusing on queer/trans issues.

As Secretary of the Board of Directors, as well as Chair of the Communications Committee, Veronica has a focus on developing effective communications strategies for WCNO. This includes leading the way on the organization’s digital marketing strategy. She also manages the IT infrastructure for WCNO.

Brock Schumacher, Treasurer

At-Large Directors

The At-Large Directors are the elected members of the WCNO Board of Directors who are not officers in the organization.

Monica Colberg, At-Large

Hollie Dalenberg, At-Large

Johnie Johnson, At-Large

Nina Robertson, At-Large

Lisa Totushek, At-Large

Richard Schmalz, At-Large