Board Minutes

Board Minuets for July 11, 2019 – 6:30-8:30 PM
Called to Order at 6:37 by Robin Lewis, Chair

Approved June 13 Minutes
● Richard moved to approve, seconded by Johnie, motion passes

Appointment of a new Vice-Chair for WCNO
● Johnie Johnson was appointed Vice-Chair, unanimously approved

Upcoming August 5th General Membership meeting for WCNO
● The purpose of the General Membership meetings is to engage the community
Bylaws state that the meeting should be on the first Monday of August, but due to National Night Out on the following night, the board has decided to take the general membership meeting on the road. Board members will go to as many meetings as possible. Johnie and Richard will coordinate.

Block Club Committee update (Schumacher)
● Brock and Lisa presented a proposal to create a Community Engagement and Safety
Committee to be chaired by Monica Colberg.
● Richard made a motion to approve, Johnie seconded, motion passes

4146 Fremont Ave Development
● Jamil Ford and Andrew McGlory with Ideal Development Group and Beth Grosen with the City
● Jamil Ford and Andrew McGlory with Ideal Development Group and Beth Grosen with the City of Minneapolis presented information about a redevelopment project for 4146 Fremont Ave.
● IDG was selected through a community process and given exclusive development rights by the City of Minneapolis for this site. The project will be built in 3 phases and focus on the historic nature of the streetcar corner it will include brick, windows on street, a canopy with balcony and outdoor space, public mural of Jacob Baldwin, flexible space (Black Box Theater), and expandable seating for different groups. There will be space for a Bookstore, Cafe, sit-down restaurant, art gallery, small event center, and second floor offices.
● Phase I, $1.8 million (Bookstore, café, 60% office)
Anticipated start date: Unknown due to gap in funding. Phase I would take 6 months to complete and Phase II and III would take an additional 6 months.
IDG will go to the City of Minneapolis in August/September to ask to close on the property and ask for additional funds ($500,000). Funding is not fully secured at this time.
City of Minneapolis currently owns property and will turn over ownership if funding is in place.
● They are asking WCNO to send a letter of support for the project
No action was taken by the WCNO after a lengthy discussion.

Truck Extravaganza update August 17, 1-5pm at Webber Park (Lewis)
● Robin and Sarah met in June. Stage is secured, 8 vendors, looking into entertainment, Bubble man, slime pool, DJ, Bouncy House, Hennepin Country will bring a truck, Snow cones, plant sale, connecting with local churches, Lion’s doing hot dogs and drinks, and asking Emily at Hopewell. Need additional volunteers. Lisa has 6 people.

Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization
1206 37th Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55412
Email: Facebook:
Amy is typically in the office on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please call for an appointment.

Treasurer’s Report (Schumacher)
● Wants to create a manual for the next Treasure, met with City and Bookkeeper to understand process.
● Presented June Financial report as prepared by Robert Thompson, filed with board packet

Proposal to form a Committee on Child Care at Board Meetings
● Item tabled

New business
● Red Slow Down Signs for the community. Monica is proposing that WCNO purchase 40
signs for approximately $460 to be distributed throughout the community on a first-come,
first serve basis. Monica will be responsible for distribution. We would like to have them on-
hand by NNO. Motion to approve made by Richard, seconded by Lisa, unanimously
● The Executive Committee is calling for a special meeting for evaluating an organizational
assessment from Amy Arcand on July 24, 2019 from 6:30-8:30pm
● Lumberman statue: Camden Historical Society and Lion’s would like to take donations but
they don’t have tax deductible status. They are asking that WCNO take and hold donations
until it can be fixed. No action was taken.

Adjourned 8:44