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Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization

Board Business Meeting—Webber Community Center/Park

December 5, 2019 — 6:30 – 8:30pm

DRAFT Minutes

Board Attendees: Anna Gerdeen, Monica Colberg, Kevin Aldwaik, Robin Lewis (Chair), Johnie Johnson, Jeff Schmidt, Brock Schumacher, Eric Hoffer, Sheree Breedlove

Board Members Absent: Richard Schmalz, Markella Smith (Executive Director)

Community Attendees: Jeff Strand, Aric Arneson, Irma Burns

Called to Order at 6:40pm by Robin Lewis, Chair

Minutes Approval. Kevin Aldwaik motioned. Johnnie Johnson seconded. Unanimously approved.

Community Presentation: Aric Arneson, Facility/Plant Manager at GAF.

Aric gave a brief history of GAF. GAF employs 115 team members directly at facility (plus a few at warehouse in Maple Grove). Now hiring, full spectrum of positions. Wants to continue to build a relationship with the community. Handed out flyer.

Community Presentation: Jeff Strand, District 1 Commissioner, Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission.

Committee that’s complementary with CURA. Provided very brief info about Neighborhoods 2020, including some hesitancy of its direction. Left contact information and resources to be shared with board.

Treasurer’s Report (Brock Schumacher)

IRS issue has WCNO strapped for cash right now. Recently levied by the IRS, resulting in a lack of money to “pay back” the the anticipated amount they provided through the funding process. Reviewed statement of financial position, statement of activity, budget vs. actual, statement of cash flows, and cash transactions. Monica Colberg suggested we receive a summary of the reports each board meeting. Anna Gerdeen requested we not include full bank account statements in board packets, Brock agreed we need to rethink how much account information is included, at least blacking out account numbers before making copies of account statements.

IRS Levy (Lewis)

Summary: Prior board/ED did not submit & pay IRS Form 990 from 2008, 2014, 2016.

Several board members & E.D. Markella Smith had a phone call w/ IRS. Helpful conversation for clarity, but a lot of stress moving forward. IRS might grant abatement, based on the past board/ED situation, and requested we fill out a proof of hardship form, which was submitted right away. Waiting to hear back about results and for next steps. If we are not granted abatement, WCNO would need to raise about $4k

Additionally, 941 forms were not filed for 3 quarters in the last several years (Q3 2018, Q4 2016, Q1 & 2 2017). Board considered past ED & Exec. Committee’s culpability and officer’s insurance, and how those might affect our options moving forward, including financial recompense. However, Q3 for 2018 has been filed by Robert Townsend on 12/3/19.

Kevin Aldwaik raised continued concerns about transparency in the past and present. Aldwaik left the meeting.

2020 Budget (Schumacher)

Briefly reviewed 2020 budget, but it was requested that we receive with packet on Mondays prior to the board meeting. Due to this not happening, the item was tabled.

Board members who desire a deeper dive on the budget are scheduling a meeting with Treasurer Schumacher.

Housing Update (Schumacher)

Homeowners outlook: Prices should go up. Inventory levels low, expected to lower. Should increase prices.

Renters outlook: More institutional investors entering the market. More corporate environment. Vacancies are low, should maintain…prices should go up. City council likely pushing for inclusionary zoning and rent control.

Section 18 update: Functions like section 8, but in single-family homes. HUD trying to redevelop the sites used by Section 18, effectively ending this variety of public housing. We hope to fight this now, but then try to help ease transition if needed—possibly though financial assistance from WCNO, if money available. It was requested we vote NO for Section 18 alterations. There will be a public hearing on December 13th. We are encouraged to call Councilmember Cunningham to express concerns.

Holiday on 44th (Lewis)

Through prior vote, WCNO agreed to donate $500 towards it—we get name on flyer, in Camden News, and on their website. Board (and community) were encouraged to attend, and volunteer if possible. Brief history of Holiday on 44th shared from Monica Colberg, who added that—with the planned construction on 44th next year, Holiday on 44th will likely take a pause. 

Elections process and procedures/Exec. Comm. Meetings (Lewis)

Already voted on in prior board meeting, but to clarify: Chair & Vice Chair up for 2020, in the same year.

Every other year, we vote for two exec team members. 

The term limits and turnover apply to the position, not the person. If you are appointed mid-term, you serve out the remainder of a term. At the conclusion of the term, one must be re-elected or end their perm.

Job Descriptions (Lewis)

Briefly reviewed Executive Committee, Executive Director, and Board Member (at-large) job descriptions Monica Colberg moved to approve all job descriptions. Johnnie Johnson seconded. Unanimously approved.

Committees (Lewis)

Given the transitions that have occurred, we are re-establishing committees. It was discussed to establish a Finance Committee (required by by-laws), an Outreach Committee, and a Housing Committees. Sheree Breedlove moved to accept these committees. Brock Schumacher seconded. Unanimously approved. Schumacher, as Treasurer, will chair the Finance Committee

Board would like a Bylaws Committee in 2020, as well as Communications Committee. Need to fill some more board chairs soon.

Update on Probation (Lewis)

Brief summary given: After recent transitions and issues, the City of Minneapolis put WCNO on probation. Amy Arcand was hired as interim Executive Director to help clean up WCNO as an organization. During that process, Markella Smith was hired as Executive Director, moving Arcand to the position of consultant. Specifically, Arcand is working on probation-specific issues, a list of which was provided by the city. We have completed many of the tasks, but are still working on some, including revising bylaws and advertising housing programs. Full list is available in the WCNO board materials and at the WCNO office.

City Presentation: David Rebudor, (City of Minneapolis Neighborhood and Community Relations) and Casey Joe Carl (City Clerk of Minneapolis)

2020 census (David Rebudor)

Summary: Incredible need to get correct numbers, so the city (and state) doesn’t lose political representation and federal funding. Typically, renters, immigrants/refugees, youth, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and people of color are least counted.  They often benefit the most from the federal dollars received, as well. The census is used to draw district maps, as well—we do not want to lose a Congressional seat.

Unfortunately, the responsibility for accurate numbers has been falling to the local level.

Rebudor asked that, when WCNO meets or sends out communications, that we include census information and links. Additionally, the Minneapolis Foundation has grant for $750 for this work (which we can use for food!). Consider hosting at the end of March or on April 1st.

2020 elections (Casey Joe Carl)

Summary: Unlike most previous years, the nominating process for Presidential elections in Minnesota will be via a primary. There is huge concern this will lower turnout.

Specifically, due to this change, you must register for a party (federally-mandated), by choosing one ballot at the time of the primary and your choice will be recorded. After that, your party choice will be not public data on a state/local level, but the National Committees can use it and make it public. 

A few dates to remember: 

March 3rd is Super Tuesday (Federal Primary Day), but can early vote starting January 17th. February 1st is the Community Connections Conference.

Statewide caucusing on February 25th.

Census Day April 1st

Statewide Primary August 11th

General Election on November 3rd

It was requested that WCNO consider a voter registration drive, or at least an education effort. Contact Ariah with the City of Minneapolis if we have questions. (Or see the packet that was distributed)

Adjourned at 8:45pm by Robin Lewis, Chair.

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Webber Camden Neighborhood Organization: Empowering Collaboration and Connection to Create a Thriving and Equitable Community for All.

About Community

Webber Camden Neighborhood Organization: Empowering Collaboration and Connection to Create a Thriving and Equitable Community for All.

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