February 2021 meeting agenda

Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization

Board Business Meeting — Zoom

February 4th, 2021 — 6:30-8:30 PM


6:30 PM Call to Order: Sheree Breedlove, Chair

Approve Consent Agenda Items

Meeting Agenda (in board packet)

Time/Date and Location of Next meeting (3/4/21 @ 6:30pm, Zoom)

January 2021 Minutes (in board packet)

6:40 PM Community Presentations (10 minutes each)

Center for Energy and Environment – Jim Hasnik

Baldwin Square – Jamil Ford

Envision Community – Rochelle Washington

7:10 PM Treasurer’s Report: Patricia Deinhard-Bauknight, E.D. (board packet)

7:10 PM Executive Director’s Report: P. Deinhart-Bauknight (board packet)

7:20 PM Committee Reports (8 minutes each)




Youth and Family

Commercial and Land Use


Outreach and Safety

8:10 PM         2021 Budget Update (January-June): P. Deinhart-Bauknight

8:20 PM Listening Session Plan: S. Breedlove

8:25 PM Mediation Update: S. Breedlove

8:30 PM Adjourn 

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