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**Update 10/4/19** These minutes were approved at the Oct. 3rd Board Meeting!

Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization
Board Business Meeting Webber Community Center, Webber Park
September 5, 2019 – 6:30 – 8:00 PM

Board Attendees: Sheree Breedlove, Monica Colberg, Jewel Gilbert, Robin Lewis, Richard Schmatz, Brock Schumacher
Other Attendees: Amy Arcand, Kevin Aldwait, Anna Gerdeen, Markella Smith

Call to Order at 6:40 PM by Robin Lewis, Chair

Motion to approve the August 1, 2019 board minutes. Motion made by Sheree Breedlove, second by Jewel Gilbert. Unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report (Schumacher) August 2019 statement of activity in meeting packet. January-July financial report (financial position, activity, budget vs. actuals, cash flows, and cash transactions) in meeting packet. Nine block clubs were funded NNO stipends of $50 each. WCNO Financial Policies and Procedures document in meeting packet includes proposed guidelines for handling its finances. Motion made by Brock Schumacher to approve the policies and procedures document, second by Sheree Breedlove. Unanimously approved.

Probation Update (Lewis) WCNO has been placed on a one-year probation by the City of Minneapolis due to findings from a financial audit of 2015-2017 WCNO reports and records. All funds have been accounted. Poor financial reporting did occur. No current board members or staff were involved with the organization at that time. The Chair thanked Anna Gerdeen, former WCNO Treasurer in 2019 who responded to the City’s requests for information during the audit. The current board is committed to resolving all issues to meet the terms of probation. 

Board members met with city staff in August to discuss probation process and tasks required of WCNO. The Board is preparing documents to create policies that will strengthen board fiduciary responsibility. Kevin Aldwaik suggested that WCNO file a theft report with Minneapolis Police for any loss from the previous Board. Robin and Kevin will discuss further.

Staffing Proposal (Arcand, Smith) Amy Arcand is reducing weekly hours to extend contract work time to May 31, 2020. No additional funding will be paid to Amy beyond the negotiated contract with WCNO. Markella Smith has been hired as a part-time staff employee. Essential responsibilities for both employees is in the meeting packet. Markella would be hired to serve as Executive Director at 20 hours per week. A motion to approve the staffing proposal was moved by Brock Schumacher, second by Jewel Gilbert. 

Discussion: Sheree asked about orientation for new Board members. Amy could do a mini-session for the new Interim Board members. After general Board elections, training of all Board members will take place. Sheree asked if alternates on the Board could vote in place of missing Board members. Robin replied that after the five required members are elected, a call for alternates could be announced. Robin called for a vote on the staffing proposal. Proposal unanimously approved. 

4146 Fremont Ave N, Jamil Ford (Lewis) Executive Committee recommends that WCNO send letter of support to continue the project which is in its 4th year. City requires that Jimal reach a certain amount of funds in order to proceed. The previous Board supported the project. Motion to approve moved by Monica Colberg, second by Richard Schmatz. Unanimously approved.

Interim Secretary (Lewis) Board needs a new Secretary. Executive Committee nominated Monica Colberg, At Large member, who accepted the position short term until the November election. Monica and Amy will propose essential responsibilities and task timelines for the position. In advance of the November Board election, all Board openings will be posted and described, including the Secretary position.

Letter from NNC in Support of MPHA Residents (Lewis) Robin reported that Northside Neighborhood Council (NNC) is working to prevent privatization of scattered Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) sites in Minneapolis. Single family homes managed by MPHA are in critical short supply. These homes are being sought by developers to demolish, build new structures and increase rents. Robin wants to establish a WCNO housing committee and develop programs that assist renters. Half of the housing units in WCNO are rental units. Members will explore programs for renters offered by other orgs, such as those that develop financial literacy for renters in North Minneapolis. One or more may be useful for WCNO residents. Motion to have WCNO sign letter in support of NNC preventing demolition of MPHA scattered sites moved by Brock Schumacher, second by Jewell Gilbert. Unanimously approved. Robin was encouraged to form a housing committee.

Annual Meeting and Elections: Monday vs. Thursday Two volunteers are needed to work with staff to plan for November election. Five Board openings will be posted no later than 25 days prior to election. Application forms will be available online. Hard copy forms will be available in the WCNO office. Kevin Aldwaik offered to distribute the application at his store. He will also accept WCNO applications faxed to his store since the fax at WCNO is not working. Markella will lead the planning group. Sheree Breedlove, Robin Lewis and Kevin Aldwaik will help. Members will recruit candidates with a face to face ask. Descriptions of each position open will be described in the website. Number of volunteer hours required for the positions will be included. 

Members discussed moving election from Monday as stated in the files, to Thursday, as stated on the WCNO website. Amy reminded members that a number of Bylaws changes are pending. All changes will be presented for community input at the February 2020 Board meeting. Richard Schmatz motioned to move Board election day to first Thursday in November. Brock Schumacher second. Unanimously approved. 

Hamilton Manor Bus Stop (Breedlove) Sheree Breedlove stated that due to the 44th Ave North street reconstruction project, the current bus stop going South by Hamilton Manor was moved one block to 44th and Humboldt, across from North Market. The change creates an accessibility challenge for half of Hamilton Manor residents with mobility issues. Brock Schumacher and others have been unable to find an explanation for the change. Three entities are engaged in the street rehab (Metro Transit, City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County). WCNO supports Hamilton Manor residents who want the bus stop returned to its earlier site, closer to their home. They also want D Line stop at the bus stop. Organizational staff of the three entities will be approached for an explanation of the move and for its return to Girard.

Office Space Update (Totuschek) Monica described a site visit that Lisa had arranged with Joe Reid, new owner of commercial property at 1206 42nd Ave N. Office has 1350 square feet. Cost is $2250 per month in WCNO area. Rent is twice as much as current space. Members felt it was too costly for WCNO. Robin thanked Lisa for looking into potential office space for WCNO. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Submitted by Monica Colberg, Interim Secretary

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Webber Camden Neighborhood Organization: Empowering Collaboration and Connection to Create a Thriving and Equitable Community for All.

About Community

Webber Camden Neighborhood Organization: Empowering Collaboration and Connection to Create a Thriving and Equitable Community for All.

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