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The Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization is looking for an intern for a project working with community-based businesses and business resources.
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Welcome to your neighborhood!

Webber-Camden is a beautiful, friendly, and welcoming neighborhood in North Minneapolis. The largest neighborhood in the Camden community, Webber-Camden is bounded by Interstate 94 (to the east), Penn and Newton Avenues (to the west), Webber Parkway (to the north), and Dowling Avenue (to the south).

A neighborhood organization for all neighbors.

Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization (WCNO) is a democratically operated, city recognized non-profit organization, which advocates for our residents and businesses. Voting membership in WCNO is open to any person of legal voting age, who either resides in, or owns property in, our neighborhood. Any businesses or organizations located in Webber-Camden can also designate a non-resident member to participate in the organization. A Board of Directors is elected by organization members to manage the affairs of WCNO.

We hold monthly meetings with the Board of Directors, quarterly membership meetings, and tons of fun neighborhood events throughout the year. Come join us!

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A picture of the top of a small house, representing residential services.

Resources for Residents

Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization is working tirelessly to create and invest in resources for our residents. Whether you rent or own here in Webber-Camden, WCNO wants to help you and your family feel at home in your neighborhood.

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Three people with their thumbs up, representing business partners.

Information for Businesses

North Minneapolis has a long, proud history of growing and supporting local businesses. Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization is working hard to help Northside entrepreneurs and local businesses develop, expand, and prosper.

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People planting trees in Webber-Camden, representing community events.

Events in our Neighborhood

From the magical Holiday on 44th to the fantastic annual Truck Extravaganza, the Camden community has wonderful events throughout the year, and Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization is always in the mix.

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A picture of the Camden Library, which was torn down in 1979
Photo courtesy of Hennepin County Library.


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History of Webber-Camden

From the early days as a center for millworkers in Minneapolis, to the present day’s vibrant diversity, Webber-Camden has a rich history worth exploring. Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization is committed to knowing and understanding the history of those who came before us.

WCNO was first organized in 1994, and took its current name in 1995, when the neighborhood’s name was changed from “Camden” to “Webber-Camden”.