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See below for the WCNO Board Business Meeting Agenda for March 5th, 2020…

6:30 PM Call to Order: Robin Lewis, Chair

6:30 PM Community Presentation: City of Minneapolis, UHT Update

6:45 PM Treasurer’s Report: Brock Schumacher

6:55 PM CPP Annual Report – Vote Required: Markella Smith, E.D.

7:05 PM WCNO 2020 – Vote Required: M. Smith

7:10 PM By-law Review: R. Lewis

7:40 PM 941/Tax Abatement: R. Lewis & M. Smith

7:45 PM Board Seats: R. Lewis

7:55 PM Outreach Event Updates: Sheree Breedlove & Monica Colberg

8:00 PM Folwell Fundraiser Recap: R. Lewis

8:05 PM Jamil Ford Update (4146 Fremont): R. Lewis

8:10 PM 44th Ave Update: R. Lewis

8:15 PM Live on the Drive: R. Lewis

8:20 PM Adjourn

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