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Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization

Board Business Meeting — Zoom

March 4th, 2021 — 6:30-8:30 PM

6:30 PM    Meeting Agreements: Krystin Eldridge, Vice Chair

Call to Order: Sheree Breedlove, Chair

        Approve Consent Agenda Items

Meeting Agenda

Time/Date and Location of Next meeting (4/1/21 @ 6:30pm, Zoom)

February 2021 Minutes

6:35 PM    WCNO Board Candidate Presentations (2 min per candidate)

6:45 PM    WCNO Board Election Update/Instructions: Em Matson (Comm. Coordinator)

6:55 PM    Community Presentations (10 minutes each–INCLUDING Q&A)

            Friends of the Falls – Amanda Wigen

The Minneapolis School of New Music – Bart Johnson

Lyndale Ave. Pedestrian Safety Project – Chris Kartheiser

7:30 PM    Board Business: S. Breedlove

    -Finance Committee Report

    -Youth & Family Committee Request

    -Communications Committee Formation

    -Friends of the Falls sign-on letter

    -Financial Request made to WCNO (from I. Augustine & Bishop Kemp) 

The Executive Committee notes that WCNO does not currently have the financial capacity to meet these requests, and suggests we invite them to reapply once our 2021 budget is established. and our partnering parameters are clarified.

7:45 PM    Community Listening Session: S. Breedlove

8:30 PM    WCNO Board Election Announcement: E. Matson

8:30 PM    Adjourn* 

*WCNO Board Members will meet to elect a Treasurer immediately following the meeting.

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