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Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization

Board Business Meeting– Zoom

May 7, 2020 — 6:30 PM


Board Attendees: Robin Lewis, Anna Gerdeen, Johnie Johnson, Brock Schumacher, Eric Hoffer, Monica Colberg, Kevin Aldwaik, Sheree Breedlove, Richard Schmalze

Community Attendees/Presenters: Mark, Kjersti, and Amanda from Friends of the Lock and Dam

6:38 PM Call to Order: Robin Lewis, Chair

6:39 PM Community Presentation: Friends of the Lock and Dam

[Full powerpoint presentation shared on Facebook] Community organization formed to engage the community and shape the future of the downtown-Minneapolis area around the lock and dam. Renamed to “Friends of the Falls.” Goals: (1) Reinvent the central riverfront so the public has more access to the river. (2) Have a project that focuses on the entire historic district, including influence up river (North Minneapolis). (3) Have this historic district to tell the story of people who have lived here for thousands of years.

–Some initial planning has been done, but Friends of the Falls is beginning a time of deep community engagement, building awareness and increasing diversity of the board.

–New website ( containing this information & next steps goes live June 1st. Will include dates and ways for engagement.

7:00 PM Executive Director Candidate Presentation 1

7:15 PM Executive Director Candidate Presentation 2

7:30 PM Executive Director Hiring Discussion & Decision

8:05 PM Approval of April 2020 Meeting Minutes

MOVED by Kevin A. Seconded. Unanimously approved. 

8:10 PM COVID-19 Response Task Force & Review

Still need community members to join the task force, when we meet. Monica has been assembling mask-making supplies, but still needs elastic. Will collaborate with community members to sew.

Brock will research the available rental/mortgage assistance programs.

Brock applied for a support grant from the city.

8:20 PM Discussion About Other Community Organizations

Conversation around WCNO’s relationship with other local organizations–including the Camdentown Business District–and how we might reach out and move forward with clarity and mutual understanding. MOVED to send a letter to Camdentown directly to connect and get more information, then continue based on response. Seconded. Unanimous.

8:30 PM Treasurer’s Report: Brock Schumacher

We are caught up on back paperwork through March. We received our IRS payment return. Expenses are stable, since we’re mostly only spending on rent & utilities.

8:35 PM Adjourn

Items Still Tabled:

— By-Law Review

— Board Seats

— 4146 Fremont Update

— Reviewing March 2020 Community Discussion

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About Community

Webber Camden Neighborhood Organization: Empowering Collaboration and Connection to Create a Thriving and Equitable Community for All.

About Community

Webber Camden Neighborhood Organization: Empowering Collaboration and Connection to Create a Thriving and Equitable Community for All.

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