May 2020 WCNO Board business meeting agenda

6:30PM Call to Order: Robin Lewis, Chair

Community Presentation: Friends of the Lock and Dam Approval of April 2020 Meeting Minutes

Treasurer’s Report: Brock Schumacher

Brief Hiring Committee Update: R. Lewis & Anna Gerdeen

COVID-19 Response Task Force & Review

Executive Director Candidate Presentation 1
Executive Director Candidate Presentation 2
Executive Director Search Discussion


Items Still Tabled:
— By-Law Review
— Board Seats
— 4146 Fremont Update
— Reviewing March 2020 Community Discussion

3 thoughts on “May 2020 WCNO Board business meeting agenda”

  1. Can anyone tell me why Humboldt Avenue is supposedly closed to traffic from 42nd to 44th? (Maybe more, all I can see from my front is 42nd) I say supposedly because cars still speed on Humboldt Avenue, the Blockades at the intersections are no impediment to speeders along the two blocks with No Stops Signs between them. There are Two Stop Signs from 38th to 44th. One on 41st and the other on 42nd. It becomes a One Way Fast Track from 42nd to 44th Avenues. The Blockades are no impediment to speeders along the two blocks with No Stops Signs between them. And, the blockage on 44th is more of a nuisance than a help with drivers going North & South at that very narrow intersection. We live here and need to get to and from safely.
    We have watched cars speed to 44th. We have watched cars hit others at 44th. We have watched cars slam into light poles on 44th.
    A few neighbors and I talked about it on Sunday. We want Speed Bumps, not road blocks. What do we have to do, to get Speed Bumps ?. Who do we have to talk too about Speed Bumps ?. Do we need to get a Petition for Speed Bumps..because we can get signatures easily.
    If the street was closed due to allow space for bikes, why weren’t we consulted about our needs before blocking our street ? Nobody on Humboldt rides bikes..yet we got blocked for bikers…Why?
    Somebody is going to get hit since non-neighbor drivers going to the store, or on Humboldt to the main road of 44th, are not following the signage. And, we still need to get to and from our homes on Humboldt, and park in front of our homes as well.
    Bike riders do not always follow the signs either..many are riding past the E/W Stop Signs on 43rd. I know because I was driving home on Humboldt today, while a biker did not stop…I had the right of way…Yet I was the one who stopped to avoid hitting a bike rider..who had the nerve to get mad at me as if I was the one who was not following the sign..and don’t even let me get started on bike riders on the Parkway who ignore the corner Stop Signs and ride kitty-korner at the intersections…. Rules are Rules that should be followed by drivers as well as bike riders..but I digress…
    Why is our street blocked, and for how long? How do we get it un-blocked and get Speed Bumps..bikers can still ride on our street and don’t need signs telling them that they can. Unclog our main intersection..please before we see, or one of us has an accident. We have a lot of traffic with the store at the end of our street.

    • Unfortunately, we don’t have enough information to answer this, and haven’t been informed on the nature of the project. We’ll ask around a little and report back if we learn more. Either way, you can reach out to the city–probably the Public Works department–by calling 311. Thanks for your comment!

  2. The reason for the blockade of Humboldt is well known. The City created a walking/biking “loop” for COVID19 recreation options. They are called the “Stay Healthy” streets.
    Our CM Phillipe Cunningham posted it on his page as well as several neighborhood pages. Here is one of many news links.

    The real solution for speeding and illegal behavior is a traffic enforcement. WCNO should consider raising its collective voice to encourage funding for traffic enforcement, which is part of the overall plan for Vision Zero.

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