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Board Business Meeting – Zoom 

October 8, 2020 – 6:30 PM


6:30pm — Call to Order & Welcome

6:32pm — Zoom Procedure Review

6:35pm — Review and Approve September Minutes

6:45pm — Treasurer’s Report

6:55pm — Executive Director’s Report

7:05pm — Upcoming WCNO Board Elections (November 5th)

Open Seats


Outreach and Communication

7:45pm — By-Law Check-In and Planning

7:55pm — Potential New Neighborhood Priority Review


Vote Scheduling

Process/Next Steps

Communication and Outreach

8:20pm — Committee Reports & Updates

8:28pm — Mediation Possibilities 

8:30pm — Adjourn

What's your reaction?


  • Brandon Burbach
    Posted October 8, 2020

    I offer to volunteer as a community member on the Bylaw committee. Thank you.
    Brandon Burbach

    • Eric Hoffer
      Posted October 9, 2020

      Thanks, Brandon! We’ll be posting the community portion of the by-law process soon, and we’ll make sure you are notified at that time.

  • Brandon Burbach
    Posted October 12, 2020

    Thank you! If community members are not allowed to be on the primary revision committee, I would request at this time that once a first draft is released to the community that a marked-up copy of the prior bylaws and the revised proposed bylaws be presented to the community to enable direct comparison of changes. Ideally this would be provided as a download through the Website, and announced in the Camden News, with hard copies available at the Office and perhaps at North Market or the Webber Library. Thanks, Brandon.

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