October 8, 2020 WCNO Board business meeting agenda

Board Business Meeting – Zoom 

October 8, 2020 – 6:30 PM


6:30pm — Call to Order & Welcome

6:32pm — Zoom Procedure Review

6:35pm — Review and Approve September Minutes

6:45pm — Treasurer’s Report

6:55pm — Executive Director’s Report

7:05pm — Upcoming WCNO Board Elections (November 5th)

Open Seats


Outreach and Communication

7:45pm — By-Law Check-In and Planning

7:55pm — Potential New Neighborhood Priority Review


Vote Scheduling

Process/Next Steps

Communication and Outreach

8:20pm — Committee Reports & Updates

8:28pm — Mediation Possibilities 

8:30pm — Adjourn


  1. Brandon Burbach

    I offer to volunteer as a community member on the Bylaw committee. Thank you.
    Brandon Burbach

    • Eric Hoffer

      Thanks, Brandon! We’ll be posting the community portion of the by-law process soon, and we’ll make sure you are notified at that time.

  2. Brandon Burbach

    Thank you! If community members are not allowed to be on the primary revision committee, I would request at this time that once a first draft is released to the community that a marked-up copy of the prior bylaws and the revised proposed bylaws be presented to the community to enable direct comparison of changes. Ideally this would be provided as a download through the Website, and announced in the Camden News, with hard copies available at the Office and perhaps at North Market or the Webber Library. Thanks, Brandon.


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