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Address: 1206 37th Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55412
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Monica Colberg is entering her second term with WCNO. In the first two years as At-Large member on the Board of Directors, Monica and fellow member Sheree Breedlove teamed together to provide over 500 free facemasks for WCNO residents, developed community through gardening projects at Hamilton Manor, and held tabling events to increase participation in Census 2020 and absence ballot voting. Monica also assisted in building the foundation for the newly restructured WCNO.

In her next two-year term Monica will focus on building new block clubs and strengthening current block clubs in WCNO. She believes every single block organized as a block club is the strongest connection that WCNO can support in building community. Imagine a whole community of WCNO residents connected to their neighbors, be they renters or homeowners. Imagine the creative ideas that WCNO can support with community input. Monica is lead gardener for the community Triangle Garden at 42nd and Humboldt Ave N. Monica was a member of the Holiday on 44th committee for 10 years. She knows the power of a dedicated volunteer work group tackling a common goal with astounding success.

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