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Monthly Board Meeting 

Location: Zoom

August 5th, 2021 — 6:30-8:30 PM


Board/Staff Attendees: Em Matson, Eric Hoffer, Krystin Eldridge, Patricia Deinhart-Bauknight, Jane Riley Best, Monica Colberg

Community Members: Peggy Clark

6:40 PM    Call to Order: Krystin Eldridge, Vice Chair

6:42 PM    Executive Director’s Report: Patricia Deinhart-Bauknight, E.D.

-Great BBQ we had! Over 200 folks there.

-3 nonprofit asked us to be partners for city’s funds

    Edible Boulevards, Project Jamar, and Above the Falls

    Only Edible Boulevards might have gotten funding

-Lots of youth events coming up, though the end of the summer. Many in conjunction with Folwell’s ice cream social. Top worries of youth survey—gun violence, traffic concerns, carjackings.

-Co-hosting Fourth Ward candidate forum on AUgust 25th…moderated by the League of Women Voters…in partnership with other local neighborhood orgs

-Applied for the great streets facade program…$30,000 to improve business facades, etc… questionnaire/survey for businesses (or can talk to Kevin)

-Met with 612Yoga, looking for space in Webber-Camden neighborhood. Struggling to find some.

-Met with Robert (accountant) to learn Quickbooks.

-Finalized state unemployment account changes.

-Working on how to receive and make consistent decisions around requests for funding/support.

-Em doing the regular communications, in addition to all the surveys and more!

-Equitable engagement plan and necessary follow-up.

6:50 PM    Approve Meeting Agenda (in board packet)

Moved (Eric). Seconded (Monica). Approved.

6:35 PM    Review/Approve July Minutes (in board packet)

Moved (Monica). Seconded (Jane). Approved.

6:40 PM    September Committee Reinstatement & Potential Membership Drive

Monica: Open, but still worried September will be busy!

Propose going back to standing committees in October. Or November? Weaving in committee membership drive into the Annual Board meeting! Recruiting committee members as we go, though.

6:50 PM    Request for Support from the Camden Collective (in board packet)

Camden Collective Staff, Board Members, or any Beneficiaries of the organization must recuse themselves from the vote.

Suggested Motion from Executive Committee: That the WCNO support the Camden Collective with a financial donation of $1,000.

Krystin recused. Jane recused.

MOTION approved.

(Added comment: We need to refine the process for funding ASAP and potentially return to past potential funding partners.)

7:00 PM    September WCNO Board Meeting (9/2/21) Location & Accessibility

It was decided to on Zoom for September. Can move to the park beginning September 8th, but the board meeting is September 2nd.

7:10 PM    WCNO Strategic Planning — Goals and Strategies:  Patricia D-B

Bigger discussion tabled until we have more board members present. $20k for each neighborhood org for admin (staff plus building)—moving quickly. AND we’ll have to step up our fundraising. Private & public family foundations, etc…

Will have the equitable engagement plan submitted to the city by September 1st…we’ll get feedback from them during the month and hope to be able to approve the finalized plan during our October meeting.

7:15 PM    Community Questions & Input

Earlier, Peggy provided feedback around receiving board meeting communications.

Monica: During national night out, she heard a request for more notice and advertising for events. Additionally, include a greater variety of types of communication channels.

Salem Lutheran could help print physical copies of the newsletter…board members and more could spread them around, including having some located around the community.

Em: we might ask neighbors where they receive news…including offline!


Printer—buying or leasing? Will follow up with a price differential.

TikTok dances around the neighborhood—engaging youth in the creation of stuff, not just attending events.

7:40 PM    Adjourn

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