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Unapproved Minuets

Board Attendees: Robin Lewis, Johnie Johnson, Brock Schumacher, Lisa Totushek, Monica Colberg

Other Attendees: Amy Arcand (interim Executive Director), Devyn Gravdal, Sheree Breedlove, Jewel, Gilbert, Kevin Aldwait, Linda Chapple

Call to Order at 6:37 by Robin Lewis, Chair

Motion to approve the July 11, 2019 board minutes. Motion made by Johnie, seconded by Brock, and unanimously approved

Motion to approve agenda by Monica and seconded by Lisa, unanimously approved.

Staffing Transition (Lewis): Robin explained that she would like to bring Markella Smith on board to do communications for the rest of August. Up to 15 hours/week at $25/hour to cover social media, communications, the account, mail and other duties as assigned.

Monica made a motion to offer Markella Smilth a contract for up to 15 hours/week at $25/hour to cover social media, communications, the account, mail and other duties as assigned from 8/2-8/31, Lisa seconded, unanimously approved.

Community Engagement and Safety Committee update (Colberg): 25“Drive Like your Kids Live Here” signs were purchased, we have had 16 requests so far. Monica is delivering them and talking to people when she is out there, asking if the block is organized and if they are having a NNO event. She would like to hand out surveys. Kevin will look into lower pricing for signs. If anyone wants surveys for NNO, they can print them at the office.

Truck Extravaganza update (Lewis): August 17 from 1-5pm. Ten trucks lined up, donated stage, north west side of park, 11 vendors, Bingo, open mic, DJ, food trucks, Lion’s doing hot dogs, bouncy house, face painting, slime pool, bubble man, etc. Amanda got 10 volunteers and Markella will help with promotions. Amy suggested that the budget be discussed with NCR prior to submitting a reimbursement request to ensure that expenses will be covered by the CPP contract. Robin is requesting an additional $1,000 in expenses. Johnie made a motion to approve an additional $1,000 for a total budget of $2,000 for Truck Extravaganza, seconded by Monica, motion approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report (Schumacher):

We receive the financial reports too close to the board meeting and it doesn’t give the Treasurer enough time to review them sufficiently. Brock would like to change the meeting to a later date in the month, however, this requires a change to the bylaws.

Motion: Treasurer will delay monthly report by one month and institute a new, draft report until bylaws are changed. Motion made by Brock, seconded by Monica, passed unanimously.

New business

  • Interim Board Members: Robin would like to appoint interim board members to fill vacancies until the November General Membership meeting. Sheree Breedlove, Devyn Gravdal, and Jewel Gilbert introduced themselves and told a bit about why they’d like to be involved in WCNO. Johnie made a motion to appoint all three to the board as at-large members until the November election, seconded by Lisa, unanimously approved.
  • Board Resignations: Robin will reach out to Hollie and Nina because they have both missed a number of meetings and ask if they would like to resign from the board
  • Survey Outreach: Monica asked what the next steps are for this program. Robin has someone who might be interested and has invited him to volunteer with Truck E. Robin, Amy and Markella will discuss further after vacations and we hope to get the project back up this Fall.
  • Motion: To support Hamilton Manner’s effort to keep a bus stop in front of their building and restore the one at 44th and Girard. Motion made by Johnie, seconded by Monica, unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:08.

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