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April 1st, 2021 — 6:30-8:30 PM 

Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization Board Business Meeting — Zoom


WCNO Board/Staff: Sheree Breedlove (Chair), Krystin Eldridge (Vice Chair), Kevin Aldwaik, Maria Ahlgren, Kenneth Frazier, Tiara Brown, Monica Colberg, Patricia Deinhart-Bauknight (Executive Director), Em Matson (Communications Coordinator). 

Community Presenters & Members: Joanne Hubbard-Rivera, Cody Olson, Councilmember Cunningham, Michelle Shaw, new W-C member Peggy 


Call to order: Sheree Breedlove called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m. 

In Attendance: Sheree, Kevin, Krystin, Maria, Tiara, Kenneth, Monica, Patricia, Em Guests: Joanne Hubbard Rivera, Cody Olson, Phillippe Cunningham, Michelle Shaw 

Amendment to Agenda: Kevin moved and Tiara seconded a motion to allow presenters to go first, before the listening session. Motion passed. 

Presentations: Michelle Shaw from Edible Boulevards presented with slides. She spoke of both in-ground and raised bed gardens depending on soil conditions. Fruit trees planted down boulevards was also mentioned as a pilot with the Park Board and the City. Pillsbury is talking about being a demo site as well. Sheree said Hamilton Manor might be interested and Maria said that she has youth who may be able to help. Michelle asked for four things: 

1) A letter of support 

2) Send information out to neighborhood the end of April through Facebook, Newsletter 

3) Introductions to schools, churches, other organizations who might be interested 

4) Let her know who might be excited about this so she can contact them

Joanna Hubbard Rivera showed some maps and spoke of the D Line Bus Rapid Transit planned for Webber Camden at Gerard & 44th, Penn & 44th, Fremont & 42nd, Fremont & Dowling. There were questions about high-speed internet and Metro Mobility. 

Listening Session: Peggy, a new resident in W-C and of Hamilton Manor, asked questions about Webber-Camden in general, the B Line, Upper Harbor Terminal, where the Blue Line will go. She was concerned about out-of-state owners buying homes to rent out. 

Remaining Consent Agenda Items: The next board meeting will be held May 6, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. by Zoom and approve March 2021 Minutes. Kevin moved approval and Krystin seconded. Motion Passed 

Treasurer’s Report: Kevin presented the February Statement which ended with a negative balance due to the city failing to reimburse our request in a timely manner (no fault of WCNO). Otherwise, we’re in good shape. He also recommended the approval of the 990 and Attorney General’s report for 2020. Kevin moved to approved and Monica seconded. Motion Carried. 

Executive Director’s Report: Patricia referred to the report in the board packets and highlighted a few items. She has created a 2021 Budget for approval and will be creating a Fundraising Plan before the next meeting. PayPal is up and running for WCNO and contributions are coming in for the youth programs. The newsletter was produced and the Camden Ad submitted. A Housing Survey and information for door knocking has been created and is nearing completion. WCNO has signed up with Mpls. Speak TV. There was a City Assessor’s presentation given at the last city-wide neighborhood meeting and they are willing to present to the community. It was decided that Patricia should invite them to present. 

2021 Budget: Patricia presented a full year 2021 budget as approved by the Finance Committee. NCR is allowing neighborhoods to roll over their CPP funds and are extending contracts until the end of 2021 with the small amount of baseline funding that they were going to provide when moving into the Equity & Engagement Funding. The CPP funding, with a small amount from NRP funds, the Great Streets grant, rent and individual contributions will fully support this budget. Patricia will, however, continue to seek funds from corporate and foundation sources. Monica moved to approve the 2021 Budget, Maria seconded. Motion passed 

Committee Updates: 

The Land Use & Business Committee (via Kevin) recommended approving an additional $500 on top of the $500 previously approved for safety initiatives such as safety kits and supplies distributed (particularly around the Chauvin trial) in collaboration with the Upper Northside Business Association throughout the community. They have already put 

together 10 kits at key areas. Moved by Kevin, seconded by Monica. Motion approved.

The Youth Committee is having a Spring Clean Sweep contest with Folwell on May 2nd from 11-2. Whoever gets the most bags wins. Youth will be paid $10 per bag from the individual donations received. They will donate $100 as will Folwell from proceeds to the volunteer Spring Basketball Team. They are recruiting neighbors and youth. There was a Youth Safety Panel sponsored by McKinley, Folwell and Webber Camden earlier this month. There were 32 in attendance with 20 under age 18. How to stay safe during protests and during the trial was discussed with a lot of good information provided. The Youth Committee is partnering with Jerry Gamble during spring break to give kids someplace to go with programming. There will be another virtual Bingo on April 9th. 8-10 young people from the Step Up program sponsored by the Cookie Cart will be provided to Weber-Camden this summer. 

The Housing Committee has had about 35 responses to the Housing Survey that was put out with 78% of the responses from homeowners and 22% from renters. Safety was an overwhelming concern for nearly all respondents. How to repair homes in terms of dollars available and licensed contractors were other common responses. We’d like to get home assistance programs on the website for easy referral. We’ll also be collaborating with Legal Aid. 

There will be another survey initiated with more comprehensive questions that will be provided to community members through a door knocking campaign. There is a meeting on Saturday, April 3rd at 11am to talk/plan door knocking. 

Kevin would like to re-activate Great Streets matching grants and emergency repair grants for businesses much as Victory neighborhood is doing. He’s also discussing with Camdentown doing murals around the community using local artists. 

Safety and Outreach Committee had a March Meeting, including the Community Prime Prevention and Safety Specialist. Striving for more community connect, but stepping back from that during the Chauvin Trial. The team aims to move forward with door knocking. Northside Youth Crew came to the triangle garden and produced 7 bags of debris! 

Shannon resigned from the board. Her resignation email will be shared to the whole board. 

Remember: Strategic Planning at 10am on April 10th.

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