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Board Business Meeting — Zoom

December 3, 2020 — 6:30-8:30 PM


Board:  Anna Gerdeen (Chair), Eric Hoffer (Secretary), Maria Ahlgren, Sheree Breedlove (Vice Chair), Jeff Schmidt, Shannon Glenn, Tiara Brown, Vamsi Grussing (Treasurer), Kevin Aldwaik, Monica Colberg

Staff: Em Matson (Communications Coordinator), Patricia Deinhart-Bauknight (Executive Director)

Community: Amanda Dobbs, Krystin Eldridge, Robin Lewis

6:30 PM Call to Order: Anna Gerdeen, Chair

Approve Agenda (consent)


Approve Time and Location of Next Meeting (consent)


6:35 PM Review and Approve October and November 2020 Minutes: A. Gerdeen

(board packet)

No comments/questions. Motion to approve October 2020: Jeff S., 2nd: Eric H. Unanimous. 

No comments/questions. Motion to approve November 2020: Eric H., 2nd: Shannon G. Unanimous.

6:40 PM Winter apparel giveaway event: A. Gerdeen

Anna shared details about a Free Winter Apparel coat giveaway–one happened today (December 3rd) already at Lind Bohannan and is coming tomorrow (December 4th) at Lucy Laney. Em will post details through the WCNO facebook page. Anna has shared some through facebook groups, as well. Community member Amanda Dobbs volunteered to clean or set up, if distancing is still possible.

6:45 PM Treasurer’s Report: Vamsi Grussing (board packet)

Vamsi Grussing presented on balances, but not a full report. There was not adequate time to put together details for November, so the update is through October 31. Next meeting should include both November and December full statements. Report structure will be updated as time permits and Vamsi learns the system, and we share what’s helpful to see. 

Total assets are $30,378.47 (with just over $8k in the checking account and nearly $22k in expected reimbursement from the city). 

6:50 PM Executive Director’s Report: Patricia Deinhart-Bauknight (board packet)

Patricia presented on her accomplishments and focus areas in November. Full report was given to the board and is available upon request. Also described the “Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act” (TOPA), shared to us by the Harrison Neighborhood Association. WCNO’s support is requested, and we will make time to discuss and vote if we support at our January meeting. Community request 

7:05 PM Youth and Education Strategy-next steps: P. Deinhart-Bauknight

Update from Patricia: We approved the beginning of the establishment of a new strategy Moving Phase 1 funds (from way back) just over $36,000 with the strategy. We must give notice to the community (at least 21 days) to shift to Youth and Education Strategies. We aim to approve this at our January 7th meeting. 

7:10 PM January Board Member Election Update: A. Gerdeen

Many dates! Next meeting: January 7th on Zoom, 6:30pm. We must give notice by December 14th (but the sooner the better!). Board applications due by January 2nd. Voting begins as early as January 4th (method TBD). Conversation around heightening security of the voting process, without sacrificing widespread participation. 

If you are interested in helping determine the voting process, please contact Vamsi Grussing ( by Saturday, December 5th or as soon as you are able.

7:25 PM Review and Create Committees, Appoint Chairs

Reviewed standing committees vs. ad hoc committees. Standing committees are usually set by an organization’s by-laws, help operate specific areas of the organization, and are regularly supported by staff. Ad-hoc committees are usually time-sensitive (events, etc…) or potentially short-term. They carry out a task and then frequently disband, though they can be reformed.

It is expected that all WCNO board members serve on a standing or ad hoc committee, doing most of the leg work to prepare for board decisions.

WCNO is mandated to have a finance committee, and has various other committees (see below), which will require some consolidation and clarifying. There is a desire for additional committees in the future, when membership and capacity allow for it. 

Discussion to decide who is in which committee, and who will serve as chair.

Committee Members As of Now…


Vamsi (Chair), Kevin, Shannon

Outreach and Community Engagement

Maria, Monica (Chair), Amanda Dobbs, Sheree


Sheree (Chair), Tiara, Krystin, Eric

Youth and Family Committee

Krystin, Maria (Chair), Amanda Dobbs

Operations Committee

Jeff (Chair), Vamsi, Anna, Sheree

Land Use and Business

Kevin (Chair), Jeff


Eric will send out information about meetings, report submission, and info for board decisions. (Include staff in planning). Patricia will send a document to guide committee functioning.

7:55 PM 1206 37th Ave. Office Discussion and Questions

Anna shared further information on the possibility of moving the WCNO office out of the 1206 37th Ave. office building, as well as a response to the questions and push back from board training conversation (Powerpoint available upon request).

Kevin: Affirmed how things were told by Anna. Worried we are in a similar situation now as when WCNO/FNA split before.

Sheree: Office dollars coming from CPP. Wants to work with Patricia and review documents.

Patricia: Need to clarify that CPP budget is for administration–staff and space, almost completely. Projects come out of NRP funds, generally. We are not in the same situation as before, and are being very frugal. Worried we’re letting our history impact our future, but we’re not the same people or under the same leadership. In interim, yes, we’re working from home, but to step into growth and vitalization, we need to have a center of operation. Also, risk assessment is important, including around financial internal controls. Yes, the office is not the best solution and we need to move. But finding the right space is important and not moving too quickly is important. What we put out into the community is very important, including how we welcome people.

Robin: The space has a lot of history, negative history. It is not ideal. But we’ve looked elsewhere and WCNO needs the space for now. 

Em: COVID concerns. Also, small administrative concerns. 

Eric: Concerned about internal Controls. If we can’t use CPP dollars for programming, let’s use it for building organizational capacity.

Tiara: “Question is beyond whether we move office or stay– what will the office look like in the future? Without answering the second piece, at least tentatively, doesn’t make sense to decide on the first IMO”

Sheree: Please help filter through and shred documents!

8:35 PM Adjourn

Respectfully submitted by Eric Hoffer, WCNO Secretary, on 12/15/20.

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Webber Camden Neighborhood Organization: Empowering Collaboration and Connection to Create a Thriving and Equitable Community for All.

About Community

Webber Camden Neighborhood Organization: Empowering Collaboration and Connection to Create a Thriving and Equitable Community for All.

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